Technical Note : How to enable HTTPS Web Filtering on FortiClient
FortiClient v3.0
FortiClient v4.0
FortiClient v4.0 MR1
Use the following steps to enable HTTPS Web Filtering on FortiClient.  The default setting for Web Filtering is 'disabled'.
1.    Enter the WebFilter/Settings menu and select "Modify Settings".
2.    On the WebFilter Settings window, select ''Enable webfilter'' (this setting is disabled by default), then select ''Edit list'' to add a HTTPS site for Web Filtering.

3.    In the following example the HTTPS address of is going to be blocked.  Select ''OK'' for this setting to be saved.

Note that HTTPS WebFiltering was introduced in FortiClient Release 3.0 MR6, this version and above must be used to utilize this feature.
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Last Modified Date: 11-04-2010 Document ID: FD31601