FortiGate log information : traffic log with firewall policy of 0 (zero) "policyid=0"
Description FortiGate units create a firewall policy of 0 (zero) which can appear in the logs.
  • All FortiGate units.
Steps or Commands

When viewing the FortiGate logs, you may find an entry indicating policyid="0". For example:

2008-10-06 00:13:49 log_id=0022013001 type=traffic subtype=violation pri=warning vd=root SN=179089 duration=0 user=N/A group=N/A rule=0 policyid=0 proto=17 service=137/udp app_type=N/A status=deny src= srcname= dst= dstname= src_int=N/A dst_int="Internal" sent=0 rcvd=0 src_port=137 dst_port=137 vpn=N/A tran_ip= tran_port=0

Any firewall policy that is automatically added by the FortiGate unit has a policy ID number of 0.

The following are the most commonly created by the FortiGate unit

  • The (IPsec) policy for FortiAnalyzer (and FortiManager v3.00) that is automatically added when an IPsec connection to the FortiAnalyzer unit (or FortiManager v 3.00) is enabled has a policy ID number of 0.
  • The policy to allow FortiGuard servers to be automatically added has a policy ID number of 0.
  • When loglocaldeny command is enabled (global setting), connection attempt to FortiGate IP addresses (as well as network broadcast¬† address since FortiOS¬† is listening on) not allowed will be dropped with violation and reported by policy ID0 (see sample log above)
  • When Network Zone is defined within a Vdom, intra-zone traffic being set to Allow or Block will be managed by a policy ID 0, if not previously being processed by a regular policy.
  • The (default) drop rule that is the last rule in the policy and that is automatically added has a policy ID number of 0.
  • ipmac binding is enabled on a specific interface. All IP entries not declared in the firewall ipmacbinding table will be rejected by policy ID 0. Refer to Related Articles section below for more information.
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