Technical Note: Import / export and backup / restore of the FortiClient configuration data
FortiClient v4.0 MR2
FortiClient v4.0 MR3
This article summarizes the tools and features provided by Fortinet to allow import / export or backup / restore of client configuration data.
The first section deals with FortiClient software versions 4.00 MR2 and MR3, where an external tool called VPN Client Editor is required, and the second section deals with the FortiClient software version 5.0.x, where the backup/restore functionality is integrated with the client software itself.


Import/Export for FortiClient software version 4.00 MR2 and MR3

For FortiClient software versions 4.00 MR2 and MR3, Fortinet provides a specific tool, the VPN Client Editor, dedicacted at importing and exporting client configuration information.

1. Download the FortiClient Tools package from the Fortinet support portal. Make sure to select the tools package that corresponds to the specific VPN client version used. For example, the tools package for FortiClient 4.0 MR3 Patch 5 is available under:, and is named:

2. Extract the .exe (with libraries files) and launch the FortiClient VPN editor.

3. Select the IPSec tunnels to export, and select Export.

There are different Export formats, depending on the MR (Maintenance Release) software version under consideration:
For FortiClient version 4.0 MR2: VPN Policy Package (*.vpz), VPN policy Files (*.vpf), and installer package file 9*.msi)
For FortiClient version 4.0 MR3: VPN Configuration Files (*.conn), VPN Configuration Encrypted Files (*.sconn)

4. Select the file to export configuration data to:

The exported file is now ready for import to another instance of the FortiClient software of similar version, supporting the format used.


Backup/Restore feature of FortiClient version 5.0.x

FortiClient version 5.0.x comes with an integrated backup/restore function, not an external tool as in FortiClient version 4.0.
1. This can be accessed via the "File" -> "Settings" menu as follows.


2. Once in the Settings" window, there are one Backup and one Restore buttons that you can use to perform either of these operations on the client configuration data.

The supported file formats are VPN configuration file (*.conn) and VPN Configuration Encrypted File (*.sconn)

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