Technical Note: How to check temperature values on FortiGate devices
FortiGate v5.0
FortiGate v5.2
FortiGate v5.6
This article explains how to check the temperature value of different components for FortiGates with temperature sensors.

Small business to mid-end FortiGate models such as FG-40C through to FG-300C do not have temperature sensors.
FortiGates with temperature sensors.  The list includes FG-3950B, FG-600C, FG-800C, FG-1000C and FG-3240C.

The temperature for different components of the FortiGate can be checked in the GUI within the System Resources Widget under System > Dashboard > Status.

Only those models with temperature sensors will display this option. (Temperature, Power Supply Status and Fan Status):

Passing the mouse over the Temperature bar will display the current temperature for the different components. For Example for Power Supply 1:

Configuration CLI

From the CLI, there are two commands available to check the temperatures and alarms on the FortiGate. These commands will provide more information than the GUI:
# execute sensor list
will list the sensor and readings of every component and show the current value, threshold and the alarm status (when flag is set to 0, the component is working correctly and when flag is set to 1, the component is not working properly)

An example:
FG800C # execute sensor list
23 PS1 Temp          alarm=0  value=40  threshold_status=0
24 PS1 Fan 1         alarm=0  value=6528  threshold_status=0
25 PS1 Fan 2         alarm=0  value=10112  threshold_status=0
26 PS1 VIN           alarm=0  value=230  threshold_status=0
27 PS1 VOUT          alarm=0  value=12.096  threshold_status=0
28 PS1 Status        alarm=0
The previous snippet shows the values for the temperature on the Power Supply 1 and the fans of that power supply.

The command:
# execute sensor detail
will show extra information such as the low/high thresholds. For example:
FG800C # execute sensor detail
27 PS1 VOUT          alarm=0  value=11.97  threshold_status=0
28 PS1 Status        alarm=0
When using VDOMs:
(global) # execute sensor list
(global) # execute sensor detail

If the device does not have a temperature sensor then the CLI command will return an error such as:
# execute sensor list
command parse error before 'sensor'
Command fail. Return code -61
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