Technical Note: How to unlock FortiClient
FortiClient v4.0
FortiClient v5.0
FortiClient v5.2
FortiClient v5.4
This article provides the steps to unlock FortiClient when the password has been forgotten.
FortiClient 4.0.x, 5.x.x

Step 1)  Try to remove it using the FCRemove (FortiClientremover).

FCRemove can be downloaded from the Support portal at > Downloads > FortiClient.  It is available under the Zip folder FortiClientTools > SupportUtils.

Step 2)  If unable to remove it using FCRemove, try the following steps:

- Login in Safe mode with an account that has administrative access rights

- Go to reg: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fortinet\FortiClient\FA_FCM]

- (Right-click on FA_FCM) > (Left click on permissions) > (Highlight the account) > click on Advanced > Edit > (Be sure that "Delete" is enabled under your account)

- In case if you get enable "Delete" option, try to regain Ownership from "Owner" tab and then repeat step 2.

By following the above steps an administrative user can unlock the FortiClient in the case where the password has been forgotten.
Last Modified Date: 08-07-2019 Document ID: FD39331